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Delving Deeper — The Gothic Revival Cottage


Our local library provides its patrons with access to digitally archived photos that document our town’s history. It’s where I found this photo of a couple taken in 1910. I do not share any connection with them except that their house, which still exists today, is located a few blocks from my own. The architecture of the house, built in 1845, has always intrigued me. There is a complexity of angles where the gables meet the roof and precision in the handcrafted trim details. Continue reading “Delving Deeper — The Gothic Revival Cottage”

Life Lessons from the Farm

gwen fall 1967 white barnyard in background 002

My grandparent’s farm was my first classroom. The lessons learned have stayed with me through the years and woven themselves into the fabric of my history. Continue reading “Life Lessons from the Farm”

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