As a mentor, I help women writers to shed emotional armour so they can reclaim their self-expression, dream bigger and learn to guide themselves through new creative risks.

Like many writers, I’m an introvert impacted by trauma.

  • I understand self-doubt, spiraling thoughts and panic attacks. I understand imposter feelings and fear of facing the blank page.
  • I understand that it’s scary to share your writing, step up to a microphone or call yourself a writer on social media.
  • I understand because I’ve been there.

But I’ve learned to manage self-limiting beliefs to become a fulfilled and productive writer.  I can show you how to do it too.

Your voice is necessary, now more than ever. When you’re ready, email me at for a free 30 minute consultation.

My name is Gwen Tuinman. I’m the author of The Last Hoffman. My novel writing explores human tenacity and how women navigate the social restrictions of their era. My second novel is in revision and I’m currently writing a third. My fiction and nonfiction works appear in Wunderlit Magazine and in national publications, The Globe and Mail and Reader’s Digest.

I blog about writing life, introspections and history at in addition to publishing a bimonthly newsletter.

I’m a past board member of the Writer’s Community of Durham Region and creator of the womxn’s creative collective project, The Wild Nellies. I have organized community evenings that featured spoken word performances plus readings of poetry and prose. I’ve also read my work and emceed events for audiences of over 100 people, presented library talks and writer workshops. 

I hold a degree in education and a Bachelor of Arts degree with a focus in psychology.