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China Rock: A Historical Hook in California

“Cal-i-for-nia, here I come!” This is the song I was singing last July, when I prepared to travel along the Californian coast, from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Among the memorable experiences, one of the most impactful to my writer’s imagination, was one discovered by chance.  China Rock. Continue reading “China Rock: A Historical Hook in California”

Delving Deeper — Vikings in California?


Standing on a Californian beach staring at the horizon where the ocean meets the sky, does cause one to reflect on the power that nature wields. What an incredible leap of faith, that people over the centuries ago built vessels to sail and row into its infinity.  After all, how could they know how far the waters stretched or if indeed the world would end at an abrupt cliff and plunge them into some version of hell. Continue reading “Delving Deeper — Vikings in California?”

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