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Curating Wonder — Little Sod House on the Prairie


Continue reading “Curating Wonder — Little Sod House on the Prairie”

German Pioneers on the Canadian Prairie


A couple of years ago, I became interested in learning about my ancestry. I was aware that my heritage consisted of English, Irish and a bit of Scottish was suspected in the mix. Some snowy winter weekends spent on the laptop led me down a unexpected path to German ancestry as well. Continue reading “German Pioneers on the Canadian Prairie”

Laura Secord’s Courage: War of 1812

laurasecord library and archives of canada

In Canada, most school children will hear the story of Laura Secord — how during the War of 1812, she travelled a great distance on foot to warn the British about an imminent American attack. Even adults are reminded of her courage through the Heritage Minute ad campaign run by Historica Canada. Still, some of us hear the name and our mouths water for a box of chocolates. Continue reading “Laura Secord’s Courage: War of 1812”

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