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Unwed Mothers and Maternity Home History

A character in my novel, The Last Hoffman, is in trouble.  She is pregnant, young and unmarried. Should she raise the baby? Should she give it up to a childless couple?

(Please enjoy this Wellspring Podcast of Unwed Mothers and Maternity Home History)

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The Button Hook


After a series of curious events, I’ve become interested in — button hooks. The elements for a new short story are falling into place and this Victorian item figures to play a prominent role.  As it usually happens in my creative process, I didn’t find the button hooks. They found me. Continue reading “The Button Hook”

Bicycles Changed the Lives of Victorian Women


For me, a bicycle represents exercise, a pleasure ride down a country road, or an eco friendly trip to the farmer’s market. I’ve written in the past of my fondness for riding on two wheels. For Victorian women of the mid 1800’s, bicycles represented something quite different, something I’ve taken for granted — freedom. Continue reading “Bicycles Changed the Lives of Victorian Women”

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