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Frida Kahlo: Part 2


In Frida Kahlo: Part I, I set out to build a picture of her life before her artistic success. I wondered how nature and nurture worked together to form this determined artist. Her first years were undoubtedly tumultuous, coping with her mother’s of affection, her sisters being sent away, and the affects of polio in her right leg. Continue reading “Frida Kahlo: Part 2”

Frida Kahlo: Part 1


I first became aware of Frida Kahlo, as I suspect many people did, through Salma Hayek’s portrayal of her in the self titled movie Frida released in 2002. The imagery and music captivated me as did Frida’s complex multi faceted character. She lived in chaotic circumstances among an evolving cast of troubled figures, political activists and social nonconformists. Continue reading “Frida Kahlo: Part 1”

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