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Harvesting Hay by Hand

A large part of writing life is spent researching information that, when woven into a story, creates a believable world that readers will enjoy spending time in. This process is immensely enjoyable to me. Currently, I’m writing about characters who are wintering a horse and a few goats in the early 1900s. The livestock will require hay. Since the people have no access to mowing equipment, I’m learning about how they would have harvested hay by hand. I really enjoyed these videos and I hope you will too.

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Postal Service for Pioneers in Canada


In my trek through Canada’s postal history, I’ve discovered a colourful array of similarly delightful details– dogsled, horse carts, penny farthings, and telegraphs. They all provided that glimpse into yesteryear that I enjoy reading about. Continue reading “Postal Service for Pioneers in Canada”

Curating Wonder — Blacksmith: Forge, Anvil and Horseshoe

Blacksmith and horse Continue reading “Curating Wonder — Blacksmith: Forge, Anvil and Horseshoe”

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