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Curating Wonder–Chaudière Falls: 1800s Watercolour Paintings


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Pulp and Paper

Man beside giant roll of paper

How very different our lives would be without paper. There would be limited recording of histories, sentiments or creative processes if we still recorded ideas on parchment also known as ‘animal skin’. The sharing of ideas would be more difficult. Would there be computers or other modern conveniences we enjoy today if not for the ability to draft and revise plans on paper for building and inventing?

(Please enjoy this Wellspring Podcast of Pulp and Paper.)

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The Shiner’s War

Booth_lumber_camp_Aylen_Lake_Ontario_1895_ source_Library and Archives Canada backslash C dash 075266

Men wielding oak clubs? Ladies of ill repute? Drunken disorder? Social chaos masterminded by one kingpin? It’s the stuff that Hollywood movies are made of — but it happened in Canada. As a matter of fact, this Wild West was playing out in Bytown when my Irish ancestors arrived in 1831. When they left the area eight years later, could they have been trying to escape the lawlessness of these events known as the Shiner’s War? Continue reading “The Shiner’s War”

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