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Missionaries and the Klondike Gold Rush

Presbyterian missionaries enroute to Klondike

A few days ago, I naively set off to research missionary activity during the Klondike Gold Rush without appreciation for how sprawling the topic was.  I had expected to unearth a few quaint tales of starry-eyed young ladies stepping down from atop wagon benches, their hearts aflame and a bible tucked beneath their arms. Instead, I read about reverends, mission schools, reindeer importing, hospitals and nurses. The presence of faiths like Russian Orthodox and Quaker took me by surprise. Continue reading “Missionaries and the Klondike Gold Rush”

Soapy Smith: Gangster in the Klondike

Soapy smith

I don’t always remember names but I remembered this one:  Soapy Smith. About a year ago, I read borrowed a copy of The Klondike Quest by Pierre Berton. The book belongs to my mother in law and carries great sentimental value as it was a gift from her sister who moved to the Yukon several years ago.

(Please enjoy this Wellspring Podcast of Soapy Smith: Gangster in the Klondike.)

Continue reading “Soapy Smith: Gangster in the Klondike”

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