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Bicycle Bliss

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The kiss of spring is in the air and once again, I am yearning to ride my bicycle. Even if it is raining today, I’ll fill up the tires and take it for a spin. There is something wonderful about sitting high in saddle and feeling the wind against your cheek. Continue reading “Bicycle Bliss”

Feeling Nostalgic — The Promise of Spring

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“Shall we survey the property?” This is a little joke we share, my husband and I. The invitation suggests that we might be endeavouring to review the status of a few acres of farmland. This is not the case. But still, we pull on some rubber boots and head to the backyard, which remains streaked by patches of ice and snow. We walk, with hands clasped behind our backs, hemming and hawing and calling out to each other when a pleasing discovery is made. Continue reading “Feeling Nostalgic — The Promise of Spring”

My Garden is a Scrapbook

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My love of winter is giving way to my longing for spring. Like so many, I’m  looking forward to the bursting of forth of colour and new life that follows blue skies and warmer temperatures.

As the snow recedes, I’ll begin the annual tradition of searching for signs of life around the yard.  Buds will appear on the lilacs. The snowdrops and crocuses will poke through the snow. It will be some time before the tulips make their appearance and even later before blooms appear on the pear tree.  With any luck, the espalier style plum trees fanning against the cedar fence, are preparing to bear fruit this summer. The garlic shoots will already piercing the blanket of mulch still covered over by snow. Continue reading “My Garden is a Scrapbook”

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