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My Tobacco Farm Summers


I don’t smoke. Thankfully, I never have. But I was once a teenager with dreams of post secondary pursuits and tuitions that would need paying, and so, like most young people in my hometown, my summers were spent working on a tobacco farm.  I’ not writing to celebrate the tobacco industry, but rather to reminisce over an experience. When I was thirteen, there was no internet. I had access to whatever television channels could be had by using an manually turned antenna. My friends and I never heard of a social movement to rally against an industry.  I didn’t know of any one who’d had cancer. My employment predates the infamous Philip Morris lawsuit. Continue reading “My Tobacco Farm Summers”

Curating Wonder — Farm Couples

c8ce9208ed31eb61bc674cae6fbbb489 Continue reading “Curating Wonder — Farm Couples”

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