Fireplace group Wildwood

Interior of a shack

Native woman and fireplace

Figures around fireplace at Boyd Cottage

Flicker and Ipernity
Photo 1 / Photo attributed to John Ballyntyne: Signatures and inscriptions (On envelope): Fireplace group, V.J. & W.L., Wildwood/Flash light. Stanley Plate. largest stop/March 1, 1893
Photo 2 / J.W.Tyrell (Interior of shack built around fireplace at Fort Reliance by “Buffalo Jones” N.W.T. — 1900)
Photo 3 / Credit: Burke (Edmonton)/Library and Archives Canada/PA-029843 (Native woman sitting next to fire in Peace River District, Alberta, Canada — 1911)
Photo 4 / Credit: John Boyd (Figures before the fireplace at the Boyd cottage, Bala, [Ont.] — Aug 17, 1917)

“I wonder …”

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