Stephen Brûlé is a photographic artist specializing in tintype photography. I had the privilege of interviewing him recently after we crossed paths at an event in Toronto. His display of antique camera equipment caught my attention immediately. There’s a story here, I thought, with details that will find their way into my writing. This podcast episode is the product of our conversation about photography, creativity, and olden times.

Please enjoy this Wellspring Podcast of Tintype Photography with Stephen Brûlé.

His eyes light when he recounts one of his family’s point-and-shoot digital camera, an early Canon digital model with a viewing screen  that could flip open and rotate. Pressed close to the ground, Stephen could aim the camera lens upward through blades of grass to capture the different scale of elements in his environment.

As with many heartwarming stories, someone special in Stephen’s life—his grandfather—provided early inspiration. As photography enthusiast, he nurtured his grandson’s curiosity about cameras and in later years, offered advice still cherished.

Photography became the refuge of Stephen’s youth. He grew up in southern Niagara, on Lake Ontario, surrounded by an abundance of natural environment. During forest walks, he observed a beauty that he wanted to document and share. “Taking pictures took my mind off everything that was going on because the choices to be made in taking a great picture became the focus.”

After exploring musical pursuits, Stephen’s interests circled back to the art of photography and he was soon drawn to the artistry and mindfulness of tin type photography.

See more of Stephen’s art at or on Instagram at stephen_brule

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