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Tintype Photography with Stephen Brûlé

Stephen Brûlé is a photographic artist specializing in tintype photography. I had the privilege of interviewing him recently after we crossed paths at an event in Toronto. His display of antique camera equipment caught my attention immediately. There’s a story here, I thought, with details that will find their way into my writing. This podcast episode is the product of our conversation about photography, creativity, and olden times.

Please enjoy this Wellspring Podcast of Tintype Photography with Stephen Brûlé.

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Curating Wonder — Knitting for the Troops in WW1

women knitting socks for soldiers Continue reading “Curating Wonder — Knitting for the Troops in WW1”

Curating Wonder — Fun in the Snow

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Curating Wonder — Ice Skating Outdoors

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Curating Wonder — Old Fashioned Christmas

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Curating Wonder — Libraries and Librarians

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Curating Wonder — Vintage Beach Photos

7a63f355a2f7922dacd0c0980cec5a1e Continue reading “Curating Wonder — Vintage Beach Photos”

Curating Wonder — Laundry Day

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Curating Wonder — Farm Couples

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