We booklovers read for entertainment, but also to see a whisper of ourselves and to feel heard. Stories show us how other people avert disaster, conquer sorrows or live to the fullest. So, what’s in it for the writer?

Through the process of writing, I hold a two-sided mirror. I reflect my thoughts and experiences to you, the reader—but on the flipside of that mirror I discover myself. A freer, more fully expressed version of me announces itself. The same is true whether I’m writing fiction or memoir.

Author Richard Wagamese told his writing students that “…no one in the entire history of the human species or no one on the planet right this instant, has or had the same relationship with life as you. No one has ever had your experience. No one. That makes the stories you tell unique, powerful and necessary. You have a unique powerful and necessary voice. Use it. Trust it.”

To read or write is to heal. What’s in the dark comes into the light.