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Fire Under the Harvest Moon

Since living in the country, my husband and I have come to enjoy the night sky. Without the glow of urban lighting cast upward, we have a clear view of stars and constellations. Where we live, when the sun goes down, darkness is thorough and restful. The only light is that of a full moon of which we enjoy a glorious view.

October’s full moon is given the name Hunter’s Moon. On such nights, according to the Farmer’s Almanac, people historically gathered meat to sustain their families over the harsh winter months when game would be harder to come by.

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Country Life Suits This Writer

My husband and I are urban transplants, now proud ruralites living in an agricultural zone. This change of residence is a dream come true for us. To the north, south, east and west of our home we look out on cornfields and rippling waves of wheat. In every direction we see historic barns that mark family farms. In short, we’re in heaven.

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The Auction Barn

Last fall, my husband and I moved to a rural one-acre property in Ontario’s Kawartha Lakes region. Farmers fields surround us and from every direction we see where the earth and sky meet. At night, stars are visible in the natural darkness and howling coyotes often lull us to sleep.

We also found unexpected pleasure in a local auction barn nestled on a nearby sideroad. About once a month, a blend of antique and contemporary pieces is auctioned off. Visiting there is a writer’s field trip. I’m always on the lookout for artifacts I might incorporate into my novels or short stories. We’ve seen Model-T Fords, Persian rugs, rustic cross-country skis, 200-yr-old furnishings, dishware, and collectibles.

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