I’m thrilled to share that my novel THE LAST HOFFMAN is published and available for purchase in e-book and print format. It’s been quite a journey, but I finally did it! There’s lots of  love poured into the writing of this literary fiction/family drama.

Here’s a little ditty that summarizes the story…

In a floundering 1980s papermill town, awkward widower Floyd Hoffman holds a secret that draws contempt from his teenage son.

As tensions rise, Floyd retreats into the past, reliving his tumultuous marriage to Bonnie, a manically-depressed first love whose passion drew him out of his reclusiveness. When his son dies suddenly from the same environmental cancer that claimed Bonnie, Floyd’s life falls apart. He loses himself in the pursuit of justice against the reckless papermill responsible for his family’s demise.

In the midst of his grief, destitute teenager Tammy King appears on his doorstep along with her baby, the result of a clandestine affair with Floyd’s son. While Floyd dreams of family redemption through his grandson, Tammy forges her own plans for an independent future.

The Last Hoffman is a story about the reverberation of family secrets. It will renew your faith in second chances.

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Also available through thousands of distributors in the US and Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe, plus Australia and New Zealand!

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