So many of us feel lost and rudderless. Blind faith with which we’ve lived the routine of our lives now waivers. The uncertainty of not knowing where to set our foot next leaves us trembling. This is a year of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

We live inside and outside ourselves. There are so many ways to get lost in either region. Our emotional or intuitive compass loses its due north. Words like must and should erode dreams, the bridge connecting our inner and outer selves. In our desperation to map a future of certainty, we so often pass the navigation of our lives to other people and allow ourselves to be defined by their vision of who what we are.

Ultimately, comes a day, week, or year that shakes us. It’s okay to be lost for a time, to give up the façade of perfection and control. Growth can come from resting in that uncomfortable place while we learn to isolate our own voice from the ceaseless cacophony of the world. In stillness, we can review everything we thought we knew about ourselves and the influences that’ve shaped us. It’s how we prepare for rebirth in a new form that better serves us and humanity. Sometimes we must endure being lost to be found again.

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